Our custom ABRASIVE PROCESS beats the standard travertine honing process provided by other stone-floor-care services:


The Pro Stone Cleaning System has been specifically designed for Travertine Cleaning Honing Polishing Sealing GrindingTravertine. We don’t rely on just the standard materials and methods that our competitors use. We’ve tested standard abrasives, powders, and tools that are readily available for Marble. We found that just because it says on the label it works for Marble doesn’t mean it will produce a good result for travertine. Our focus has always been to develop the best system for travertine’s specific characteristics. Call today for all your Travertine Cleaning Honing Polishing Sealing Grinding needs.

Travertine is very similar to a sponge in that it is a like a stack of bubbles. The density of the stone depends on how much stone versus the amount of air pockets. Our custom abrasive process is able to smooth the surface of the stone which reduces surface area.

Our system is able to finish the stone without opening up air pockets underneath the surface. If you look at the surface of the travertine tile under a microscope it would look like a crystalline forest. All of these little trees are like straws that can provide millions of tiny pathways into the stone. We are actually sealing off the stone during the finishing process by reducing the surface area.

Less surface area means less pores. Our custom abrasive process starts this sealing process by closing off the pathways liquids have to get into the stone. As finishing progresses, the stone becomes more reflective. As a stone becomes more reflective it is being closed off by the reduction of surface area.